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Connecting the dots in Toronto

Toronto, Canada – where innovation meets diversity! Boasting 300+ languages, this vibrant city in the heart of North America isn’t just Canada’s largest – it’s a global powerhouse. With free trade, an elite tech hub rivaled only by Silicon Valley, and a workforce that’s the world’s most educated, Toronto is your gateway to success in finance, industry, and tech. Ranked among the world’s best places to live, this metropolis of over 10 million people is your key to a thriving business!

Why Toronto?

For Startups

Tech Ecosystem

Access to Funding

Diverse Talent Pool

Proximity to Markets

Supportive Policies

For Corporates

Economic Stability

Innovation Collaboration

Well-developed Business Infrastructure

Proximity to Global Markets

Quality of Life

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Corporate Beneftis

Become a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in your home country and accelerate your innovation efforts. Benefit from events, challenges or initiatives while uncovering new opportunities.


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Houston – startup friendly and tech-savvy

With its thriving startup scene, Houston is home to several accelerators, incubators, and co-working spaces – providing support and resources to entrepreneurs.

Cape Town – thriving hub for innovation

As the Mother City of South Africa, Cape Town is attracting a wide range of startups, investors, and talent and will undoubtedly continue to attract businesses and talent from all around the world.

Singapore – leading startup hub in Asia

Once chosen as a trading post to connect the East and West, the city-state and island country Singapore has now a strong economy and a stable political system and is perceived as a launchpad for entrepreneurs across Asia-Pacific.

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