Have you ever thought about building your own Innovation Hub?

We’ll show you why it’s worth it for you to become part of GERMAN X and take advantage of our innovation services instead of investing lots of resources, money and time, in setting up your own hub. Setting up your own Innovation Hub takes up to 2 years. GERMAN X for Corporates offers you a unique network, first-class mentors, knowledge-based events, and personalized services. Of course, we do not acquire equity of your firm.

We are ready the moment you are!

Office, Infrastructure & Technology 80.000€
Events, Entertainment & Catering 120.000€
Network, Coaching & Mentoring 130.000€
Marketing 75.000€
Travel 50.000€
Location Manager 130.000€
Innovation Manager 90.000€
Sales Manager 70.000€
Trainee 18.000€
Overheads 76.000€
Corporate Innovation Outpost 839.000€ / year 180.000€ – 420.000€ / year

Uncertain which program is right for your company? We will be happy to advise you.

Ready to pursue your strategic goals?

With us at your side, we strengthen your global point of view.

Helena Sporer

Project Lead

Sathees Sabaratnam

Managing Director