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Alexandre Beaumont

Independent Investor

I have spent 14 years working in various positions in Investment Banking, including Head of Operations and Head of Open Innovation at Societe Generale. My most recent role involved managing an Incubator program where I collaborated with five external startups after screening over 100 of them.

A year ago, I left the bank to start my own venture. My focus is on building, buying, and selling niche websites, as well as investing in private equities, capital markets, and real estate. My background in operations has given me the skills to set up and monitor streamlined processes. I can help you establish the proper KPI/KRI to monitor or improve your operations. My experience in product development includes building multiple internal tools for my company and working as a product manager with our internal IT team.

I have also had the opportunity to help others collaborate with large corporations, having reviewed over 100 startup pitches for my former company executives. Lastly, I have dedicated much of my time this year to learning about SEO and digital marketing while working on my new website.

Industry Expertise

Capital Market, Real Estate, Niche Websites

Experienced in


Business Expertise

Business Development, Marketing, Operations, Product

Companies previously worked with

Corporates: Societe Generale, Uber Pay
Startups: Bluefire.ai, Cosaic, QuantCube, Staple